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Want to feel better in your body during
"The Change?"

Join the 5 Day

The Radical Self Love Challenge—hosted by Menopause Coach, Stacy Solie is a 5-day FREE challenge designed for women over 40 to cultivate healthy habits and build confidence through simple self-love practices that will help you feel better immediately &  start thriving through midlife, perimenopause, menopause & beyond.

Join the FREE Challenge!


During the 5 Day Radical Self-Love Challenge we will:

✔️ Learn how to drop out of our critical minds into the wisdom of our heart and bodies

✔️ Develop healthier habits that make us feel good, happy and in control of our day

✔️ Practice a mindful meditation for better focus, peace, and increased confidence

✔️ Learn how to put ourselves first without feeling guilty

✔️ Discover the beauty that is within you so you can be more compassionate towards yourself— the first step in cultivating real radiance— making you feel and appear more attractive, sexy, and excited about life again.


You will get:

✔️ 5 video lessons uploaded to our private Facebook group and delivered to your inbox

✔️ 5 Daily Love Notes to set your intention and bring you more love and joy

✔️ One Radical Self-Love meditation to increase your confidence and unlock your inner wisdom

✔️ Radical Self-Love Worksheet so you can track and celebrate all of your accomplishments

✔️ One live Q&A session with me to answer your burning questions, discover your self-sabotage patterns so you never quit on yourself again.


The challenge can begin for you anytime. When you begin, you will receive 1 email per day with a 5-10 minute video to watch/listen to, and a quick activity to participate in which will help you deepen self-love, and feel better in your skin.

JOIN NOW! (It's totally free)

Unlock immediate access to the 5 Day Challenge! 

Only when you make the time to love yourself and nourish your needs and desires, you can fully love, support, and be present for others.


This challenge is designed to help you master the art of self-love and build confidence by opening your mind and your heart.


When we learn to love ourselves as much as we love others, we actually unlock a number of surprising benefits that can help us transform our lives.

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