Stacy Solie is a healthy lifestyle coach for women over 40.
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About Stacy

Hi, I'm Stacy. 

As a health coach, I've spent the better part of my life helping women slow down, lose weight naturally, and step into a body and life they love. With simple, clean food, movement, and some positive coaching, my clients saw great results, time after time. 

But then a few years ago, things started changing. Not for them, but for me. Even though I dedicated so much of my life towards health & wellness, I started experiencing symptoms that I didn't know what to do with. Restless nights, hot flashes, mood swings... It became clear to me that I was pre-menopausal, which was a reality I wasn't exactly ready for at the time.

So, I dove into the research.

Much to my dismay, it was hard to find good resources that didn't seem super outdated, old, or hopeless. I was searching for a holistic way— one that addressed the mind, body, and spirit throughout "the change" for a modern woman.

After all, turning 47 in 2018 is a totally different ballgame than it used to be. Most women I know are just getting started!

I came to understand the essential vitamins, minerals, healthy habits and lifestyle shifts that support "the change" instead of fighting it, and I put together a protocol to help support the emotional side of things as well. 

What a completely different experience the whole thing became!

With the symptoms under control, I was able to get a whole new perspective on life, and start to enjoy the positive aspects of "the change". 

Like clarity, confidence, sense of purpose, and feeling more comfortable in my body than I've ever felt in my life, which helped me embrace a new level of sexiness that made the whole experience worth it. 

Now I'm not saying menopause isn't tough— it is. 

But it's also beautiful. And with the right support, we can not only GET through but transform through the experience. For the better!

Today I am so proud to be able to share this gift beyond just my clients, but with a greater community of women over 40 who are searching for the same thing.

My Background 

In October of 2012, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied time-tested thought leaders in health and wellness, including Dr. Andrew Weil & Deepak Chopra.

I continued my studies at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, where I became certified as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist and then the Holistic MBA program where I received my certification in Transformational Coaching. 

Over the years, I’ve been able to help hundreds of busy, professional women lose weight and embrace the body and life that they love. I do this through my signature holistic coaching method that addresses the emotional AND physical causes of carrying extra weight while giving the powerful tools necessary to release it and attain healthy weight loss. 

My Book

In 2018, I published Love Yourself Healthy: 7 Steps to Releasing Emotional & Physical Pounds, an acclaimed guidebook with the BEST concrete, doable action steps I've picked up throughout my years of health coaching.

Learn more, and pick up your copy here


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