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Are you looking to up-level your health and gain more peace and vitality?

Love Yourself Healthy is a breakthrough program for women in their 40's and 50's dealing with hormonal imbalance, perimenopause & menopause symptoms, slow metabolism & low libido. Learn how to balance hormones naturally, release emotional & physical pounds, and catwalk into the new season of your life with a new sexy body & vibrant life you love. 

Weeks of Clean Eating

Nourish your unique body, balance your hormones, and actually enjoy your meals! My day-to-day eating guide is for busy women like you who need meals to be quick, easy, affordable & delicious. Get the vitamins & minerals you need to naturally support your body through "the change."

Weeks of Coaching

Get to the root of your issues by uncovering your emotional eating patterns & receive the powerful coaching tools needed to break through them. Enjoy the expert support & accountability needed to stay motivated & strategize through obstacles as you transform yourself: mind, body & soul. 

"This program helped to remind me to take care of me and really think about my mindset. This course reminded me that food is a celebration. We use it every time we celebrate so why not celebrate every day. I am also being more mindful while I eat. I have already been thinking about people that I would like to introduce this to. We talk about this stuff all the time but we all need a direction."

Joined because she was feeling like she was in a rut, and needed a reboot.

"The course is inspiring, and very accessible and simple to implement, even for busy people. I see the course as especially helpful for women who are more at the beginning of the spectrum of their self-awareness journey."

Joined because she wanted to put focus on supportive mindsets and habits

"This course was easy to follow. Practical tips that are DOABLE. Great price."

Joined the course to help her focus on herself again

"I believe this course will help with ANYONE trying to improve their eating habits."

Joined the course because she wanted to learn a healthier way to eat.

Here's what you'll receive:

Enjoy lifetime access to all of the materials below, all in one convenient place.


  • Nutrient-dense weekly meal suggestions for optimal energy, hormonal balance & healthy bones specifically for women over 40.
  • Lifestyle Techniques (Videos + PDF's) to keep your body flexible, your spirit happy, and your soul fulfilled.
  • Mindset Training (Videos + PDF's) to help you curb mood swings & cultivate the life you truly desire.
  • Healthy Habits (Videos + PDF's) that are actually practical for women on-the-go. 
  • How to nourish yourself instead of neglecting yourself (Videos + PDF's) Hint: this one's a doozy...
  • Access to the Love Yourself Healthy Facebook Group where you can ask me anything, and connect with a community of like-minded women. 

How This Program is Different

Be a "B" Student

This program encourages you to ditch the perfectionism & strive for what is truly doable for you. Because done is better than perfect.

No "One Size Fits All"

Rather than a strict diet (that won't work longterm), I train you become a health-savvy eater by learning how to listen to your body so you know exactly what will work best for you in any given situation. 

It Actually Feels Good

Break out of the punishment paradigm and get in the habit of enjoyment! Ladies, you've suffered enough. This program is designed to feel fun & nourishing to your mind, body & spirit.

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BONUS Training: Boost Your Libido!

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What can I expect from this program?

Expect deep transformation— this program is not a quick fix. That said, we keep things lighthearted and fun, so you'll look forward to revisiting this program week after week. 

How does it work?

When you join Love Yourself Healthy, you get immediate access to all 7 modules and 7 weeks of suggested meal planners and recipes. You also get access to our Facebook group, where you can ask personal questions and receive additional support. 

When can I start? 

The beauty of this program is you can start whenever it works best for your schedule. There is no time limit on going through the material. The truth is, we're all busy, and we're not machines. So this program is built to work with (and around) whatever life events come up. Cause we know, they always do!

Will this program help me lose weight?

My background is in weight loss coaching, and I've helped many of my clients reach success through healthy, natural weight loss. The truth is, the best way for the emotional and physical pounds to roll off is to take a holistic approach— which is exactly what we do with this program. Although we're not talking about weight loss all the time, you will lose excess weight by following this program if that is within your goals.

Will this program help with my menopause symptoms?

Yes ma'am! Did you know that many of our symptoms (mood swings, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, insomnia) are worsened by junk food, alcohol, and caffeine? The other worst thing we can do to our bodies during "the change" is to power through and think we can keep living how we've lived before: on little sleep, with a lot of stress, and in a constant state of depletion.

Love Yourself Healthy turns that ship around, and gives you a suite of options to learn how to nourish yourself optimally, which will balance your hormones, decrease uncomfortable symptoms, and increase the positive aspects of this season in life: clarity, vitality, purpose, and confidence. 


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7 weeks of lessons to transform your body, mind and soul

7 weeks of healthy, delicious meal plans 

Exclusive membership to a private forum, where you can receive personalized support and stay on track.

*BONUS Recipe Guide access to over 40 tried-and-true simple, healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks & desserts! 

*BONUS 3 Group Coaching Sessions with me ($750 value)

*BONUS Training: Rejuvenate Your Yoni & Boost Your Libido ($100 value)

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About Me

Hi, I'm Stacy Solie, and I am so happy we found each other. As a Transformational Life Coach, I've helped hundreds of women lose weight naturally and balance hormones through good food and great coaching. In 2018 I published a modern woman's guide to lasting change: Love Yourself Healthy.


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