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3 Tips to Leave Your Work at Work & Be Present at Home

What if the stress from your workday no longer spilled over into your home environment?

What if you could come home from a stressful day at work and feel completely present to your family and leave all your work angst at the door?

Whether you’ve had a bad day or you’re stuck in traffic, there are a few different ways we can reduce our stress and change our state. 

While deep breathing is an effective way to reduce stress and I do recommend it to my clients, sometimes we just don’t feel like it. Sometimes, we feel like actually holding our breath, or being upset!

Yet, here we are stuck in the car after a long day of work and within a few minutes we must compartmentalize our work day and come home to our family. 

So, the question is: how can you change your state when you’re gritting your teeth and you don’t feel like taking a deep breath?

Here are 3 of my go-to’s in concrete, doable action steps that take you from the stressed...

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Hush Your Inner Chatter... and Listen

How many times do we think about making a change, but never quite get around to it?

For many of us, the changes we've been wanting to make have been staring us in the face for YEARS. But life gets in the way. Kids happen, crises occur, and our goals get sidelined over and over again.

And listen, all of these obstacles are very real— but with the right tools, you can learn to move through them with ease.

One of one of the most life-changing struggles we can ever conquer is learning how to manage our thoughts.

I know it's not easy.

With our lives spinning faster each day, it’s easy to get lost in the constant inner chatter we have with ourselves, letting our thoughts run free like a pack of wild hyenas.

Most of us get to a point in which we don’t even identify destructive dialogues or take time to consider how our thoughts affect our mood, our mindset, our relationships and our lives.

Gaining clarity in our thoughts is one of the greatest gifts we can give...

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4 Hidden Factors Affecting the Quality of Your Food

We all know that the quality of the food we consume greatly affects how we feel, our weight and of course, our overall health.

But have you considered that beyond the nutrients, there are other factors that influence the energy we receive from the food we consume?

4 Hidden Factors Affecting the Quality of Your Food

1. The Cook's Mood

There is a great magical realism book (adapted to a movie in 1992) from the Mexican author
Laura Esquivel called Like Water for Chocolate.

In it, the protagonist’s emotions become infused into her cooking, transmitting her feelings to everyone that eats her food. If Tita was feeling loved, everyone felt her passion. When she was sad, the tears that slipped into her stews made everyone cry.

We might not be living in a mystical Mexican village but – just like Tita – the energy a cook has
while preparing the food can affect how you receive and process it.

You can test this by consciously observing the...

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