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My Favorite Immune Boosters (Recipe Included!)

Ahh, fall… “Pumpkin spice” season, sore throat season, and for me, it's immunity booster season as I do everything I can to try not to get sick!

Although getting a little sick sometimes is totally normal, there are always a few precautions we can take to avoid utter catastrophe.

Watch the quick video below to hear the run-down on how I take care of myself when I feel like I might get sick.

And make sure you access your FREE Immune-Boosting RECIPE at the bottom of this blog post!

3 Immune Boosters During Cold and Flu Season:

1. Slow Down 

Sounds simple, but it’s the #1 thing we can do to protect ourselves when we feel like we’re getting sick. When I feel like I might catch something, instead of just powering through, I SLOW DOWN first.

We’re all in a rush and have busy schedules so it’s hard to think about taking a pre-sick day before we actually get sick— but trust me,...

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