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A Must-Do Manifestation Exercise Before The New Year


Every year has its lessons. Whether this was your "power year," or one you're ready to put behind you, we can all benefit from carving out a moment amidst the holiday madness to get quiet and reflect

Taking this moment can reveal some really important lessons you might be ready to learn, so you can move on from them. But if we never give ourselves the time, life can tend to repeat itself. 

Below is a simple, yet incredibly effective exercise to help you summarize your chapter from last year, turn the page, and powerfully write your story for 2019!

This activity can also work well as a group! Consider gathering your girlfriends or family, and make it a ritual! In my family, it's become an annual tradition. We've found it to be a fun, special way to release the past and move forward into the future. 

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019: Release the Past & Move Forward into the Future

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