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7 Surprising Things I Learned From Menopause

When I look back now, I realize I was in denial.

I can remember chatting with a friend a couple years ago, and she referred to us as "middle-aged."

“I’m not middle-aged!" I snapped.

She replied, “Um… how old do you think you’re going to live to?...”

Ugh… I felt a knot in my stomach as I grappled with the pain of aging. My first thought? Aging stinks!

I could deny it. And, I could pretend that I was an exception. But the reality was, my body was changing.

And just like a kid throwing a tantrum (always at the wrong places and times), I decided that I was going to fight it.

I felt angry for all the time I wasted.

I was filled with regret for all the things I haven’t done yet.

I ached for all the moments I worried over stupid things. If only I knew then what I do now–– I would have enjoyed myself more!

Well, we all know how well THAT works....

So, while I can’t go back and change...

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My Journey to Becoming a Menopause and Sex Coach

menopause and sex Aug 28, 2019

Last week, I hinted that my business was evolving and, I wanted you to be the first to know!

I’m excited to share that I am celebrating a professional transition into …Sexuality, Love, and Relationship Coaching for Menopausal Women!

As I’m sitting here writing this, there is a part of me that is terrified!

Scared that you might judge me. That you might feel I’m being boastful, weird.… (fill in the blanks).

Isn’t it interesting that our minds can create stories that can stop us or scare us into playing small and not following our hearts desire?

One of the most beautiful things about being in midlife and menopause is that I've started to care less about what people think, and started paying attention to what I truly need and desire.

But, not too long ago, I can remember feeling scared, trapped, depressed, and anxious about my future, and what everyone else thought of me. 

I was...

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