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3 Tips to Spring Clean The Mind, Body & Soul


As I looked out the window, I noticed a doe laying down in the grass. What struck me as odd was that it was 1:00pm. Ordinarily, I would see deer around dusk, but I had never seen one laying down in the afternoon. 

In the past, I might have walked away and never put another thought to it, and went back to my busy life and my never ending to-do lists.

But today, I paused.

I reflected on why this momma might be resting in the middle of the day. I got curious. Was she simply tired? I stood there long enough that I decided to see if she would stay there while I quickly grabbed my phone. As you can see, I was able to take a photo without disturbing her at all. 



Occasionally, we would look at each other and then she would look away. I could tell that she was focused. There was so much peace in that moment. Deeper than just smelling the roses. I felt her energy and my guess is that she was nesting and getting ready to birth. It is spring after all!

I walked...

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Hush Your Inner Chatter... and Listen

How many times do we think about making a change, but never quite get around to it?

For many of us, the changes we've been wanting to make have been staring us in the face for YEARS. But life gets in the way. Kids happen, crises occur, and our goals get sidelined over and over again.

And listen, all of these obstacles are very real— but with the right tools, you can learn to move through them with ease.

One of one of the most life-changing struggles we can ever conquer is learning how to manage our thoughts.

I know it's not easy.

With our lives spinning faster each day, it’s easy to get lost in the constant inner chatter we have with ourselves, letting our thoughts run free like a pack of wild hyenas.

Most of us get to a point in which we don’t even identify destructive dialogues or take time to consider how our thoughts affect our mood, our mindset, our relationships and our lives.

Gaining clarity in our thoughts is one of the greatest gifts we can give...

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