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10 Creative Ways to Bring Self-Love into Your Life

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, February 14th can be a great reminder to slow down and give ourselves more compassion, love, and even a little sexiness.

If you're single like me, then it can be a day that constantly reminds you that you are not in a relationship. If you're reducing your sugar intake, then chocolate is everywhere–– mocking you in the face. Perhaps you just lost a loved one and everywhere you turn, you are reminded of your loss. Or maybe you’re in a romantic relationship and you have the pressure of finding the perfect gift or date, or the disappointment when it doesn't turn out as planned. 

Whatever your circumstance, it’s easy to let social media, commercials, and shopping malls make you feel inferior. While you may feel alone with these feelings, there are many others in the same situation as you. 

So, how do you enjoy Valentines without boycotting it or allowing it to make you feel less-than? I invite...

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