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7 Food Swaps to Crush Your Sugar & Carb Cravings

Do you ever feel helpless to your sugar & carb cravings?

You walk into the grocery store with the best intentions and then you walk past the bakery and the smell hypnotizes you, or you’re standing at the checkout line and the candy bars scream your name?

Maybe you grew up having ice cream after dinner and you can’t imagine not having something sweet after your meal.

Or perhaps you are in the middle of a project and you find yourself staring at your pantry even when you know you are not hungry so that you can feel better? Can you relate? You are not alone.

The above scenarios are not random.

They are my own personal experiences.

As a child, I don’t remember ever having any cravings that made me feel out of control.

But as I got older, things changed.

I started to feel like I had NO CHOICE and sometimes, I knew I was emotionally stuffing my feelings. Other times, it felt like my body was seriously craving carbs and sugar.

As a health coach, the #1...

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Here's my #1 Healthy Food Prep Hack


We all know the story.

You go to the grocery store motivated to eat FRESH and HEALTHY meals this week.

You load up your cart with fresh fruit and vegetables, feeling proud of the healthy decisions you made. 

But then, the week gets crazy busy, and you just didn't have time to get to everything like you intended to.

Before you know it, it's Thursday, your spinach is mushy, your peaches are moldy, and your broccoli smells awful.

Sadly, you toss away all of that produce, along with your hopes and dreams of being healthier this week,  and even more upset about the amount of money you just wasted— AGAIN.

This ever happen to you?

Don't beat yourself up— it happens to most of us. 

According to the FDA, about 30 to 40 percent of our food in the United States goes uneaten.

Are you ready to break this wasteful cycle?

In the video below, I'll tell you the FIRST thing I do after I come home with fresh fruit and vegetables.

The best part?


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Magical Maca Chocolate Cookie Recipe (Video)

Looking for a quick and healthy chocolate cookie recipe? You've come to the right place. After decades of research, I've finally found the recipe of my dreams. These cookies take 10 minutes to make, they taste phenomenal and they contain 2 superfood ingredients that are great for releasing stress, balancing hormones, and improving mental clarity. All of that in a little cookie— magic huh?!

But first, I have a confession to make.

My life's a bit of a contradiction. I'm a healthy lifestyle coach who promotes home-cooked meals, but trust me, I'm no Martha Stewart. I'm a woman on-the-go! I rarely have much time to spend in the kitchen, so I have to strategize so I can get my cooking done in little to no time. After years and years, I've finally got it down to a Rolodex of recipes that are ACTUALLY simple, ACTUALLY delicious, TRULY healthy, and FOOLPROOF. 

If you want access to 28 days worth of healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, CLICK HERE to learn more about...

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