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How to Overcome Distractions & Stay Focused on Your Goals

So you just committed to a brand new goal. Congratulations! Now, how do you stay FOCUSED until you achieve it?

Whether it’s a healthy diet, exercise or new routine, I encourage you to FIRST spend a moment celebrating your big move and positive intentions.

Making any kind of REAL change in our lives is no small feat.

So after you’ve thoroughly patted yourself on the back, its time to create a game plan for overcoming all the obstacles you’re probably going to face.

Because you know what the truth is?

Obstacles are inevitable.

As Steven Pressfield says in his bestselling book The War of Art:

“The more fear we feel about a specific enterprise, the more certain we can be that that enterprise is important to us and to the growth of our soul. That’s why we feel so much Resistance. If it meant nothing to us, there’d be no Resistance.” 


In other words,...

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3 Tips to Follow Through on Your Resolutions

Did you take the time to put together your New Year’s Resolution? Did you buy a planner? Did you take any action to move closer to your goals?

Now before you answer, I think you should know that most of us do not. And those that did take action— the majority will quit after the first 2 weeks.

According to a recent study from the University of Scranton, only 8% of all people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

What stops us from achieving our goals? It's what occurs between your ears: your brain. A part of our brain is responsible for keeping us safe and what we have always done keeps us safe.

In other words, change is a risk we are hardwired to resist. 

Further, when we set intentions, we're usually looking at what’s wrong with our life–– as if we're broken and we need resolutions to fix the problem. When you approach change in this manner, we're...

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A Must-Do Manifestation Exercise Before The New Year


Every year has its lessons. Whether this was your "power year," or one you're ready to put behind you, we can all benefit from carving out a moment amidst the holiday madness to get quiet and reflect

Taking this moment can reveal some really important lessons you might be ready to learn, so you can move on from them. But if we never give ourselves the time, life can tend to repeat itself. 

Below is a simple, yet incredibly effective exercise to help you summarize your chapter from last year, turn the page, and powerfully write your story for 2019!

This activity can also work well as a group! Consider gathering your girlfriends or family, and make it a ritual! In my family, it's become an annual tradition. We've found it to be a fun, special way to release the past and move forward into the future. 

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019: Release the Past & Move Forward into the Future

Materials needed:

  • A...
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