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The Zen of Aging

As I glanced at the selfie, I blurted out, Yikes, look at those wrinkles!

My daughter quickly said, "I don’t see wrinkles. I see years of smiling!"

This made me laugh for a few reasons.

First, she's clearly been listening to what I say and how I coach. Secondly, because I realized I haven’t completely embodied this truth for myself.

I’m a health coach for women over 40, and I’ll admit it— I still occasionally fight The Change instead of embracing it. Luckily, I have plenty of tools to bring me back into alignment when I experience moments of doubt.

With the passing of time comes physical, emotional and mental change. It’s inevitable, and yet most of us try to fight it. We hold onto old clothes that no longer fit us, drive our bodies into the ground even when we feel exhausted, deprive ourselves of the food we love by going on restrictive diets, avoid looking at ourselves in mirrors and photographs, and in general, run away from what our body is...

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