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3 Tips to Spring Clean The Mind, Body & Soul


As I looked out the window, I noticed a doe laying down in the grass. What struck me as odd was that it was 1:00pm. Ordinarily, I would see deer around dusk, but I had never seen one laying down in the afternoon. 

In the past, I might have walked away and never put another thought to it, and went back to my busy life and my never ending to-do lists.

But today, I paused.

I reflected on why this momma might be resting in the middle of the day. I got curious. Was she simply tired? I stood there long enough that I decided to see if she would stay there while I quickly grabbed my phone. As you can see, I was able to take a photo without disturbing her at all. 



Occasionally, we would look at each other and then she would look away. I could tell that she was focused. There was so much peace in that moment. Deeper than just smelling the roses. I felt her energy and my guess is that she was nesting and getting ready to birth. It is spring after all!

I walked...

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