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7 Steps to Releasing Emotional and Physical Pounds

All over the world, women struggle with their weight.

Years pass by and as those unwanted extra pounds continue to pile on, and you ask yourself— will anything ever work for me?

You try the latest diets, detox teas, exercise routines… Some of them worked, some of them didn't— but at the end of the day, nothing lasted forever and you're still not happy with your weight.

Have you ever considered that the secret to losing weight – permanently – is within you?

Now I am NOT suggesting that you beat yourself up even more than you already have. In fact, what I'm calling for— is exactly the opposite. 

Let me explain— because I know this sounds simplistic, and perhaps a little "woo-woo."

By learning how to truly love yourself (which is no small feat, btw), you unlock your hidden potential not only to lose weight permanently but embrace the life of your dreams.

What? How? Really? 

Because when we are in a state of self-compassion, we...

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3 Ways to Trick Your Mind into Loving Your Body

Ever heard the phrase “fake it til you make it?” 

Loving ourselves and our bodies is really hard to do. After all, our culture has done QUITE a number on us. For years, through TV, movies, magazines and the internet, we’ve usually only seen ONE version of “beauty” reflected back at us.

Case in point: this is what comes up when I google “beautiful woman”:

 Long straight blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin, small nose, size 2, early 20’s… 

Such a tiny percentage of us actually look like that! Aside from the fact that it’d be incredibly boring if we all did;  most of these images are retouched, photoshopped, and augmented in some way. Even if we know better, seeing these images over and over totally messes with our brains. It reinforces a singular sense of beauty and leaves out all of the other ways in which women all over the world are considered...

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What Comes First: Loving Yourself or Losing the Weight?

Unfortunately, most women and girls suffer from some form of body shame.

It usually happens early on and stays with us throughout the rest of our lives. The majority of my clients struggle with body shame and being able to love themselves. They often say that they want to lose weight or get into shape so that they can be happy with themselves and feel better. 

However, my belief is that in order to lose the weight or get healthier you must learn to love yourself FIRST.

I spent the majority of my life hating my body. In elementary school, I was so skinny that I would get made fun of. Then when I hit puberty, I noticed my thighs were getting bigger and began rubbing together. Everything was changing, and even when I exercised more or deprived myself of food I still didn’t feel happy. Everywhere I looked there were images of beautiful women that were everything that I felt I wasn’t. As I look back at that little girl, I wish I...

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What's your ECW?

Let me ask you something…

Where do you want to see yourself in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months?

How do you envision your ideal life?

Close your eyes and take a moment.

Picture your life exactly as you desire it.

Are you enjoying an afternoon with your family in a gorgeous, relaxing location?

Are you getting ready for a hot date or a fun girls night out?

Maybe you’re dancing away with your partner during a romantic vacation?

Or even finishing your first 10k!

Whatever your dream is, ask yourself why?

Why is this so important for you?

What will having that thing you are missing will do for you?

What will your life look like once you have it?

When you go through the process of uncovering your deepest motivations, digging deep until something truly touches you emotionally, you have found your Emotionally Charged Why (ECW).

Your Emotionally Charged Why (ECW) is the TRUE reason why you want to change.

Sounds simple, right?

Not so much…

Let’s say you want...

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The Zen of Aging

As I glanced at the selfie, I blurted out, Yikes, look at those wrinkles!

My daughter quickly said, "I don’t see wrinkles. I see years of smiling!"

This made me laugh for a few reasons.

First, she's clearly been listening to what I say and how I coach. Secondly, because I realized I haven’t completely embodied this truth for myself.

I’m a health coach for women over 40, and I’ll admit it— I still occasionally fight The Change instead of embracing it. Luckily, I have plenty of tools to bring me back into alignment when I experience moments of doubt.

With the passing of time comes physical, emotional and mental change. It’s inevitable, and yet most of us try to fight it. We hold onto old clothes that no longer fit us, drive our bodies into the ground even when we feel exhausted, deprive ourselves of the food we love by going on restrictive diets, avoid looking at ourselves in mirrors and photographs, and in general, run away from what our body is...

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Change Your Story, Change Your Life


Do you ever feel like you’re too tired, too busy, too lazy to start doing what you know you need to do to lose weight and/or live the healthy life you want?

Your work demands too much, your kids don’t give you a break, your life is too chaotic. Maybe you’re too embarrassed about your weight or lack of experience to hit the gym; you just know people are laughing at you or making snide comments behind your back.

Here comes the truth: Whatever you tell yourself that keeps you from leading the healthy life you want is a lie.

In fact, most of the time outside factors play a very small role in limiting our ability to lead a healthy life.

The stories we tell ourselves shape our perception of ourselves, our reality and set our limitations.

You become what you believe.

We are the stories we tell ourselves.

Our perception of our experience, not the experience per se, shape how we see the world and the place we choose for ourselves in it.

And it’s not just...

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How to Instantly Boost Your Confidence

For many women, confidence is a feeling that comes and goes.

It can leave us when we need it the most, and stray for decades before we figure out how to get it back.

Yes, real confidence comes from within.

But for most of us— that's a really tall order.

Usually, we think we NEED therapy, or to lose a few pounds, or to get a better outfit, or do more research before we have permission to practice confidence.

But guess what? The science says... NOT TRUE!

Keep reading for my top 2 strategies to find your confidence and begin practicing it right now.

To start, do you remember these two women from Secret deodorant commercials? Meet Ash and Emma, two ambitious young women ready to join the “boys club”. But not without first prepping in the elevator and pumping each other up.

In the second commercial of this series, we see one of them standing in bear pose while the other one cheers her on:

"You are a bear. You dominate, you're brilliant,...

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