Is Gluten Free Healthier? How To Know If You Should Eat Gluten Free
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Is Gluten Free Healthier? How To Know If You Should Eat Gluten Free

 It seems like there's a gluten-free version of everything these days. Should you be eating gluten-free too? Is it healthier? Check out some common myths, as well as a few helpful tips to know if you're gluten-free below. 

Truth #1

Over the past 9 years, the number of Americans going gluten-free has TRIPLED

Does this mean that more people becoming gluten intolerant? Are they just realizing how uncomfortable they feel after eating certain foods? Or has it just become so over-marketed that people think "gluten-free" means "healthy."

Either way, it’s led to the production of a TON of new “gluten-free” products like gluten-free bread, cereal, pasta, pizza, bagels, muffins, and more.

Myth #1

“Gluten-Free” means “healthy"

Not true. It just means that it does not contain any wheat, spelt, barley or rye.

Don’t get me wrong— there is a place for gluten-free products. However, some are better than others.

A lot of gluten-free products that are HIGHLY PROCESSED and contain a high amount of sugar, additives, and artificial ingredients.


How can you tell if you should be gluten-free?

A simple way is to see how you feel after you eat plain cooked organic pasta (with just 1 ingredient: durum wheat.). Check in about 20 minutes after you have eaten, and if you feel bloated and really uncomfortable, you might have a gluten sensitivity.

Bloating is one of the most common symptoms of gluten intolerance. If you regularly experience this than you may try taking gluten out of your diet for a week. 

Notice how you feel.

Sometimes people aren’t gluten intolerant but still experience some sensitivity.

To find out, try eating a slice of whole grain bread and see how you feel. If you don’t feel bloated, then you may benefit from doing some food combining.


Truth #1

Sometimes bloating is caused by improper food combining, not gluten.

Food combining is when you make sure that at every meal or snack that you have protein, fiber, and a little fat.

When you are eating the whole grain bread, like Dave’s Killer Bread or Food For Life, you have fiber from sprouted grains, seeds, legumes, & amaranth which help aid your digestion. They also contain more protein, more absorbable vitamins, and minerals. So you will feel full longer without feeling bloated. This is a way for you to still enjoy eating the bread without the discomfort!

Truth #2

Sometimes bloating is caused by the preservatives and additives found in many foods, not gluten.

Remember even if it is gluten-free it is not necessarily healthy. Instead, look for options that are organic or say GMO-free. This way you will not be ingesting unnecessary additives that slow your digestion down. 

This may seem overwhelming at first, but, a good rule of thumb when you’re shopping:

Remember that the FRONT of the package is designed to entice you and sell the product, and the truth can usually be found on the BACK in the ingredients.

When looking at the ingredients, remember they are listed by quantity from highest to lowest. Look for products that have whole foods listed as the first 3 ingredients as this is usually the majority of the product.

Make organic choices with the things that matter most—fruits and vegetables with edible peels, proteins that form the base of your meals, dairy products you ingest—and, as your budget allows, add in other non-processed, organic foods.

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A few subtle shifts can make a huge difference in reducing the chemicals & additives you put in your body. We can’t avoid them all, but we can be more educated and make better choices for every single meal.

Watch my video Is Gluten Free Necessary? to learn more!



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