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7 Food Swaps to Crush Your Sugar & Carb Cravings

Do you ever feel helpless to your sugar & carb cravings?

You walk into the grocery store with the best intentions and then you walk past the bakery and the smell hypnotizes you, or you’re standing at the checkout line and the candy bars scream your name?

Maybe you grew up having ice cream after dinner and you can’t imagine not having something sweet after your meal.

Or perhaps you are in the middle of a project and you find yourself staring at your pantry even when you know you are not hungry so that you can feel better? Can you relate? You are not alone.

The above scenarios are not random.

They are my own personal experiences.

As a child, I don’t remember ever having any cravings that made me feel out of control.

But as I got older, things changed.

I started to feel like I had NO CHOICE and sometimes, I knew I was emotionally stuffing my feelings. Other times, it felt like my body was seriously craving carbs and sugar.

As a health coach, the #1...

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The Real Reasons Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

Did you know that 98% of people who go on diets to lose weight gain their original weight back – and then some?

It goes like this:

You hear about the latest fad diet, check out some pretty amazing testimonials and before/after pics on Instagram, buy the food/pills/shakes/teas/membership required. You are PUMPED. This is going to be your triumphant attempt at losing the extra weight you’ve been struggling with for years.

Except, you don’t…

And so the cycle repeats itself as you get increasingly frustrated with your weight (and yourself) or give up and think that you’ll never be able to lose the weight.

I promise it’s not you.

Here are the top 3 real reasons why fad diets don’t work:

1. Your Body Thinks You’re Starving

The first problem with fad diets is that when you focus on losing weight – instead of fat – you lose sight of feeding your body with the right nutrients for it to function at its best.

You might see...

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3 Tips to Follow Through on Your Resolutions

Did you take the time to put together your New Year’s Resolution? Did you buy a planner? Did you take any action to move closer to your goals?

Now before you answer, I think you should know that most of us do not. And those that did take action— the majority will quit after the first 2 weeks.

According to a recent study from the University of Scranton, only 8% of all people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

What stops us from achieving our goals? It's what occurs between your ears: your brain. A part of our brain is responsible for keeping us safe and what we have always done keeps us safe.

In other words, change is a risk we are hardwired to resist. 

Further, when we set intentions, we're usually looking at what’s wrong with our life–– as if we're broken and we need resolutions to fix the problem. When you approach change in this manner, we're...

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3 Ways to Make Fear Your Friend

Fear can be scary, I’m not even going to lie.

What I can say about fear – or any other emotion for that matter – is that you can SHIFT how you PERCEIVE it in order to make it more manageable. 

Fear comes in many shapes and forms; from fear of rejection or failure to fear of not being good enough or being embarrassed.

Maybe trying out new things makes you break out into a cold sweat, maybe the Psycho theme song plays in your head every time you see the scale… Whatever triggers that uncomfortable emotion in you, I am here to tell you, you can look at it another way.

When your trigger pops up and you feel afraid, how about instead of cowering, shutting down or looking the other way, you face it head on?

Making fear your FRIEND is one of the most powerful behaviors you can incorporate into your life.

This not only goes for weight loss, but for anything else that you struggle with, be it your job, your romantic relationships or standing up for yourself...

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What's your ECW?

Let me ask you something…

Where do you want to see yourself in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months?

How do you envision your ideal life?

Close your eyes and take a moment.

Picture your life exactly as you desire it.

Are you enjoying an afternoon with your family in a gorgeous, relaxing location?

Are you getting ready for a hot date or a fun girls night out?

Maybe you’re dancing away with your partner during a romantic vacation?

Or even finishing your first 10k!

Whatever your dream is, ask yourself why?

Why is this so important for you?

What will having that thing you are missing will do for you?

What will your life look like once you have it?

When you go through the process of uncovering your deepest motivations, digging deep until something truly touches you emotionally, you have found your Emotionally Charged Why (ECW).

Your Emotionally Charged Why (ECW) is the TRUE reason why you want to change.

Sounds simple, right?

Not so much…

Let’s say you want...

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Best Diet for Women Over 40 [Ultimate Guide]

When choosing the best diet for women over 40, what should you keep in mind?

Did you know that up to 50% of women are on a diet at any given time? By the time we reach our 40's, unhealthy dieting and deprivation patterns can wreak havoc on our metabolism, cause hormonal imbalances, cause weight gain, increase uncomfortable perimenopause and menopause symptoms, and add unnecessary stress to our bodies— which can speed up the aging process.

The good news?

It's never too late to start eating right for your unique body, and there is a best diet for women over 40. 

Nourishing your body with the right vitamins, minerals, habits, and attitudes can shift you out of the cycle of depletion, and onto a healthier path where you lose weight quicker, reduce cravings, balance hormones, restore metabolism, and relieve some of the most uncomfortable symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. 

To do this, I like to start by reframing the concept of "dieting."


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A Must-Do Manifestation Exercise Before The New Year


Every year has its lessons. Whether this was your "power year," or one you're ready to put behind you, we can all benefit from carving out a moment amidst the holiday madness to get quiet and reflect

Taking this moment can reveal some really important lessons you might be ready to learn, so you can move on from them. But if we never give ourselves the time, life can tend to repeat itself. 

Below is a simple, yet incredibly effective exercise to help you summarize your chapter from last year, turn the page, and powerfully write your story for 2019!

This activity can also work well as a group! Consider gathering your girlfriends or family, and make it a ritual! In my family, it's become an annual tradition. We've found it to be a fun, special way to release the past and move forward into the future. 

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019: Release the Past & Move Forward into the Future

Materials needed:

  • A...
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5 Tips to Create a Schedule that Works for You


Having a plan can make all the difference in the world.

The weeks that I don’t have any food prepped, or my projects aren't broken down into actionable steps, are the weeks when I feel stressed, overwhelmed, and unproductive. These are the times that, if you were to look at me, you'd see someone very busy— but not fulfilled, and certainly not calm.

Can you relate?

I’ve spent hours reading books and taking courses on organization so I could increase my productivity and my happiness. The problem was I would never stick to the plan. I would start it and then I would eventually quit. I would come up with all kinds of justified reasons aka excuses.

Ultimately, I discovered that I had a belief that if I did block scheduling, I would lose my freedom. I thought would be put in a box and never have any flexibility or time for fun. 

This was my belief and that's why no matter how hard I tried with whatever new planner or system I could find, I could never...

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The Zen of Aging

As I glanced at the selfie, I blurted out, Yikes, look at those wrinkles!

My daughter quickly said, "I don’t see wrinkles. I see years of smiling!"

This made me laugh for a few reasons.

First, she's clearly been listening to what I say and how I coach. Secondly, because I realized I haven’t completely embodied this truth for myself.

I’m a health coach for women over 40, and I’ll admit it— I still occasionally fight The Change instead of embracing it. Luckily, I have plenty of tools to bring me back into alignment when I experience moments of doubt.

With the passing of time comes physical, emotional and mental change. It’s inevitable, and yet most of us try to fight it. We hold onto old clothes that no longer fit us, drive our bodies into the ground even when we feel exhausted, deprive ourselves of the food we love by going on restrictive diets, avoid looking at ourselves in mirrors and photographs, and in general, run away from what our body is...

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10 Gifts to Give Yourself This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, & it's a perfect time to look at ways we can decrease stress and find opportunities to pamper ourselves. 

As moms, we're taught to juggle:

    • our career


  • our family
  • our relationships
  • cleaning and managing the household
  • providing meals for the family
  • our family's health
  • social functions and responsibilities

It's like the more we “do,” the better moms we are....

Step 1. Identify your stress

Social media is flooded with moms volunteering at their kid’s school, starting up home-based businesses, making creative snacks for their kids' lunches and taking care of elderly parents... Oh, and behind the scenes, they're the primary health care decision makers for the family.

It’s no wonder that women are more likely to experience emotional and physical stress than men!

And, one of the ways that we manage stress is through eating.

In my new book, Love Yourself Healthy, I talk about how eating healthy...

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