4 Hidden Factors Affecting the Quality of Your Food
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4 Hidden Factors Affecting the Quality of Your Food

We all know that the quality of the food we consume greatly affects how we feel, our weight and of course, our overall health.

But have you considered that beyond the nutrients, there are other factors that influence the energy we receive from the food we consume?

4 Hidden Factors Affecting the Quality of Your Food

1. The Cook's Mood

There is a great magical realism book (adapted to a movie in 1992) from the Mexican author
Laura Esquivel called Like Water for Chocolate.

In it, the protagonist’s emotions become infused into her cooking, transmitting her feelings to everyone that eats her food. If Tita was feeling loved, everyone felt her passion. When she was sad, the tears that slipped into her stews made everyone cry.

We might not be living in a mystical Mexican village but – just like Tita – the energy a cook has
while preparing the food can affect how you receive and process it.

You can test this by consciously observing the environment in a restaurant the next time you go
out to eat.

Is it crowded and loud, hectic, relaxing, cozy?

How are the wait staff and cooks behaving?

How do you feel after you finished eating?

Does it mimic what you just experienced?

2. How It Grows

The way food is cultivated can also influence your energy.

The ground it grows on, how it is exposed to the sun, wind, and water, and other environmental factors will encourage different types of energy.

Here are a few examples:

● To feel grounded – eat root vegetables
● To cool down - eat a cucumber

It might, initially, feel a little "woo-woo."

But traditional sciences from other parts of the world that have been studied and practiced for thousands of years—like Ayurveda (where yoga comes from), or Traditional Chinese Medicine (where acupuncture comes from), have a sophisticated understanding of the energy of each ingredient, and highly advise considering this when it comes to maintaining overall health.

As a rule of thumb, by balancing hearty and light foods, you can maintain a delicate balance in your energy.

3. Eating Local, Seasonal Produce

By eating fruits and vegetables from your own garden or bought at a local farmers’ market, you
can establish a deeper connection with the food you eat.

Exposing your body to the same nutrients and energy that surrounds you is a great way to support your body and maintain a healthy balance from the inside out.

Look for locally-grown juicier fruits and lighter greens during the summer.

During winter, heartier vegetables like carrots and squashes will help your body adapt to the cooler temperatures.

4. The Way It's Cooked

Have you ever wondered why hearty meals such as stews and risotto are so satisfying? They
just make you feel cozy, don’t they?

These are meals that require a lot of love, care and time to cook.

Cooking on your stovetop will also protect the foods’ nutrients, molecular structure and energy better than microwaving it.

Now that you know all this, you can start consciously choosing foods that will give you the
highest energy and support your health goals.

Happy eating!


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