3 Ways to Make Fear Your Friend
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3 Ways to Make Fear Your Friend

Fear can be scary, I’m not even going to lie.

What I can say about fear – or any other emotion for that matter – is that you can SHIFT how you PERCEIVE it in order to make it more manageable. 

Fear comes in many shapes and forms; from fear of rejection or failure to fear of not being good enough or being embarrassed.

Maybe trying out new things makes you break out into a cold sweat, maybe the Psycho theme song plays in your head every time you see the scale… Whatever triggers that uncomfortable emotion in you, I am here to tell you, you can look at it another way.

When your trigger pops up and you feel afraid, how about instead of cowering, shutting down or looking the other way, you face it head on?

Making fear your FRIEND is one of the most powerful behaviors you can incorporate into your life.

This not only goes for weight loss, but for anything else that you struggle with, be it your job, your romantic relationships or standing up for yourself in any circumstance.

Your past experiences DO NOT have to predict your future reality.

That’s extremely powerful.

Just because you’ve reacted one way or another in the past, does not mean you have to keep reacting the same way. Most of the time, false evidence is making us hold onto our fear. If you analyze what’s making you fearful, you’ll likely see there’s really no immediate danger – you’re just holding on to a learned behavior.

So, repeat after me: Fear is my friend.

Here are 3 ways to avoid letting fear rule your decisions:

1. Reframe Should to Must

Is eating healthy and exercising a should or a must in your life? How we frame things in our lives has a powerful connotation on how we perceive them. Should tasks feel like an obligation and can lead to resentment. There’s no way of getting around Musts.

2. Evaluate Your Priorities

Lack of time, or whatever reason you have for not doing what you want to do, is an excuse your fear makes up. If you look really closely, you might identify that you might even be using distractions to keep you from achieving your goal.

However, shifting that should into a must, turns the task into a non-negotiable and forces you to find the time or push yourself to complete it.

3. Focus on the Solution

Once you start taking a closer look at your thought patterns to identify your fears, you might realize that you spend a lot of time focusing on the problem. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is a MINDSET MAKEOVER:

Recognize the problem, identify why it makes you feel the way it does, and shift your thoughts to finding a solution.

Challenges and failure are a part of life, you cannot avoid them. But, if you change how you envision and face fear, you’ll be better equipped to stand up to anything and achieve your goals.


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