3 Secrets to THRIVE this Holiday Season
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3 Secrets to THRIVE this Holiday Season

weight loss Dec 02, 2018

What if I told you that you could enjoy your holidays without feeling guilty for the wine you drank, the cookies you ate, or the heavy meals you consumed?

It’s possible, and here’s why:

Losing weight is just as much about HOW you eat, as it is about WHAT you eat. As a Healthy Lifestyle coach, I’ve witnessed this firsthand with dozens of clients.

Many women I work with know what they need to do to lose weight (exercise, eat healthier), but they still have trouble losing it and keeping it off. Why? Because of other factors.

The truth is, for women, weight loss is both a physical and spiritual journey.

So, are you ready to happily approach your holidays with ease, instead of stress?

Below are 3 Secrets to a Healthier, Happier Holiday

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1. Have Your Cake & Eat it Too–– Slowly

Are you quickly, secretly, shoving dessert into your mouth when nobody’s looking? Or can you allow yourself to sit down with a small slice, taking small bites, enjoying it, breathing deep in-between bites, while listening to your body all the way through?

When we are truly in the moment and listening to our bodies, not only will we enjoy the experience more, but we’ll also feel “done” before we’ve had too much.

2. Upgrade Your Alcohol

Alcohol plays a big role in pounds we gain during the holiday season, while also impacting our sleep, our mood, and our health. Especially for women over 40: alcohol dries us out! (in more ways than one). To counteract these negative impacts (while still having fun, if that’s your thing), consider the following.

    • Drink clear liquors (like a high-quality vodka or tequila) with SODA WATER (not tonic–– tonic water contains high fructose corn syrup), and lots of lime, mint, a squeeze of orange, a splash of cranberry juice (make sure it’s 100% cranberry with no added sugar). This will reduce your headaches, your weight gain, and your dryness.


  • After you finish a glass of alcohol, drink an entire glass of water. Yes, this will send you to the bathroom all night, but you’ll be thankful in the morning!

3. Go "Keto" for a Bit

If it seems impossible to avoid the cheese, meat, and dairy this holiday season, you could consider embracing it and opt for a keto-esque diet for the next month.

Generally speaking, “Keto” is a low-carb diet. So you’ll want to avoid the pasta, bread, sugar, and anything high in carbohydrates. But, on the bright side, you can eat as much butter, cream, and charcuterie as you’d like! :) It’s really all about what works best for your body.

Note: Consult with your doctor before switching to any diet. We don’t subscribe to any “diet” since every body is different, and science points to a whole food, (mostly) plant-based diet as being the safest bet towards greatest health.

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About Stacy

Stacy Solie is a Healthy Lifestyle Coach and author of the book Love Yourself Healthy. She specializes in helping women who are entering a new season in their life (peri-menopause and menopause), balance their hormones and get their sexy back.


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