3 Secrets to Looking and Feeling Ageless
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3 Secrets to Looking & Feeling Ageless

We all have parts of our body that we don’t particularly like.

I remember when I was a little girl I taped my ears back because I didn’t want them to stick out like my dad’s (sorry dad!) When I was eight, I distinctly recall an adult telling me that I was going to be pretty when I grew up.

So guess what? At that moment, I formed a belief that I wasn’t pretty, and when I got older I would be pretty. So, I couldn’t wait to grow up! But the problem was that no matter how much I aged, I never had that feeling. I would look back at pictures and think, "Wow I was pretty then!" But I still never felt that way in the present moment. As I aged, I would only see flaws and regret not appreciating my youth.

The truth is, I struggled with body shame and low self-esteem for many years. I was confident and determined on the outside, yet insecure on the inside. This caused me to dive into self-help books, striving for achievement and success to find fulfillment, my purpose, my passion, my place.

As I look back, I realize that, while it’s great to want to improve yourself and be the best version of yourself, if you’re not enjoying the process then you will never know when you have arrived.

Fortunately, on my journey, I came across mentors and coaches who taught me strategies and techniques on how to love myself. How to appreciate, feel joy, and be in the present moment: even during change and chaos. 

Eventually, I learned that the body that we are born with is our vehicle for life.

She's there to support us, and love us. We can fight against her, sabotage her, and try to keep her the same. Or we can nourish her, support her and love her. Either way, she's there to allow us to breathe, move, dance, explore, connect, and enjoy the pleasures of life.

As we age, it's normal to long for our youth, and for our perception of what was. But the problem with this is that it robs us of enjoying the present.

Here's what Oprah said on turning 60:

"The absolute best part is being able to be free and do whatever you want. There's nothing better than that," she said. "The hardest part is really recognizing the time that you've wasted and the things that you worried about that really didn't matter. You regret the time that was wasted." – Oprah Winfrey

So, how can you feel comfortable in your own skin? How can you revise the story you've been telling yourself, embrace your changing body and have more peace with yourself?

The place to start is with self-love.

But I get it, as a woman, "self- love" or "self-care" are terms that can make us cringe.


Because we know it's important, but at the same time we feel selfish or guilty taking time out for ourselves because that means we're taking time away from our family or career.

We can spend hours of our days loving others, but when it comes to ourselves, we put ourselves last. 

This is why I've dedicated my time, work, wrote a book and developed a program around loving yourself healthy. I’m so passionate about creating this community for other women, so we can lift each other up and reach out for support and accountability. 

Nothing lights up a room like a woman who's confident in her own skin.

So where do you begin? Check out my 3 tips below to practice self-love look and feel ageless.

3 Unlikely Ways to Feel Look & Feel Ageless 

1. Do more of what you love

I believe beauty starts with doing things you enjoy because that creates happiness. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or do anything extravagant. You can start with something as simple as taking a walk, spending quiet time with someone you love, listening to music, or reading just for fun. But the trick is to give yourself permission to do this— without the side of guilt.

2. Mirror work

Wake up each day with an intention of being grateful for your life and your body. Look at yourself in the mirror, and praise yourself. For instance, “I am a sexy, beautiful, and confident woman” is a good start. Will you feel ridiculous? Probably! Especially because, I don’t know about you— but first thing in the morning is not my best look of the day. But try it! Laugh at yourself, and repeat. It can really help reinforce your sense of direction, and here's the truth: you ARE a beautiful, confident, and sexy woman!

3. Unsubscribe & unfollow

Notice your surroundings. Are you feeding your senses with messages that will lift you up and inspire you, or put you in the downward spiral of comparing and despairing? If your daily environment is bringing you down, choose to unsubscribe, and make the conscious effort to start subscribing to supportive, loving messages, media outlets, and people.

Loving ourselves and our bodies is really hard to do.

After all, our culture has done quite a number on us. For years, through TV, movies, magazines and the internet, we’ve usually only seen one version of “beauty” reflected back at us, and it's usually a perfect-looking supermodel who represents less than 2% of our population. 

That said, how we approach aging is up to us.

We can base it on our culture and buy into the media and marketers who use fear-based communication to sell anti-aging products and services. Or we can create our own story and be our own best versions and love ourselves to great health.

The reality is we are all aging. And we all will experience old age if we’re lucky enough to live that long.

My intention is that you appreciate your body even more than you do right now. To give it more support, more nourishment, and more love.

And that is why I am SO excited to personally invite you to my brand new masterclass: 3 Secrets Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About Menopause: How to Be, Feel, and Look Sexy after 40!

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Your body is incredible and you can be, feel and look sexy in your own skin and I can’t wait to show you how!







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