How to be your healthiest & sexiest after 40!

Did you know that women, on average, spend 10 years between their late '30s and '60s, dealing with perimenopause and menopause symptoms?

As a health coach, it breaks my heart when I have women come to me in a PANIC because they no longer feel comfortable in their own skin.

It can feel so scary when your body changes, your brain feels foggy, you lack motivation and your zest for life is fading.

It’s so defeating to set new goals and try new approaches and still not see any results.

And, so many women don’t know what to do and they are unhappy with what their doctor is telling them.

This masterclass will show you the exact steps you can take to not only stop struggling, but to embrace the new you, and get your sexy back! (Yes, you).


Together, we'll discover:

  • How to have more ease about what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat for your changing body.
  • A holistic solution to have more energy and sleep better at night, even when you feel chronically energetically depleted.
  • The #1 reason you are sabotaging yourself! And how to make “healthy” a habit.
  • A breathing technique to lower stress and increase focus.
  • HOW to make all this work to get achievable results that last.

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