Get your sexy back! Healthy lifestyle coaching for women over 40.


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Get Your Sexy Back

Women over 40: Learn how to balance your hormones & catwalk into the new season of your life.

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Menopause knocking at your door?

Don't let the mood swings, hot flashes & dryness fool you–– confidence & clarity are knocking too. Learn to invite them in so we can reduce painful symptoms, embrace change, and make these the healthiest & happiest years of your life.

Welcome to the Love Yourself Healthy Revolution!

A movement designed to help modern women balance hormones, deepen self-love, lose excess weight & toxins, gain energy, purpose, and reclaim their sex life in their late 30's, 40's, 50's & beyond.

Clean Eating

Healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners to balance your hormones, build bones, boost collagen, lose excess weight & cleanse toxins.


Transformational life coaching & live Q&A's to offer you the support & accountability necessary to flourish with every passing year.


Connect with a hive-mind of other soulful, healthy women to stay inspired, motivated & supported.

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When I started experiencing the symptoms of perimenopause, 

there were so many changes happening at the time–– kids, divorce, career–– and now my body was changing too. Coming to terms with this–– "The Change"–– for me, did not happen overnight. 

The symptoms were bad, but not having a support system was worse. It's so crazy how it's something that every woman goes through at some point in their life, but we're ashamed to even say the word. 

As a health coach, I knew that couldn't be my story. As far as I was concerned, life was just getting started. I didn't want to pretend I wasn't getting older, but I also wasn't ready to stop looking and feeling my best, either.

So, I went on a mission to figure out the simple, healthy lifestyle changes to balance my hormones, release excess weight, keep my juices flowing and nourish my body, rather than deplete it. 

The truth is, in addition to the tough physical changes, we also experience a growth spurt of the soul. Along with the negative symptoms, we're also given clarity, vitality, self-respect, purpose, peace & confidence.

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"Stacy pulled things out of me that I didn't even know are connecting to my "road blocks" I have been experiencing–– what's been keeping me stuck, and I didn't know what to do about it until now. It's as if she's known me my whole life and wanted to help me create the person I so badly want to create. She helped me take the first steps. I owe her so much, I can't thank her enough and I truly cannot wait for our next call. She's incredible!"

Diana M.

"I leave every call with an expanded vision for what I'm capable of. I really value the support and stretch I receive from Stacy - she is a fantastic coach. "

Lisa L.

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